Aristides Requicha

Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award

Gordon Marshall Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Aristides Requicha’s groundbreaking scientific career has placed him at the vanguard of technological research and education for nearly 50 years. He is lauded for his achievements in solid modeling and programmable automation at the macro- and nanoscales, while advancing the study of systems that interact intelligently with their environments. He pioneered two distinct interdisciplinary fields centered in computer science: solid modeling and its applications in programmable automation, which lies at the intersection of multiple engineering disciplines; and nanorobotics, which encompasses such fields as electrical engineering, chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science.

Professor Requicha’s work carries an impressive legacy in academia and in industry. Solid modeling technology is now widely used, replacing traditional drafting techniques and enabling a plethora of new CAD/CAM capabilities with large productivity and economic implications. In the nanorobotics field, his group was the first to demonstrate fully automatic manipulation of particles with dimensions on the order of 10 nanometers. At USC, Professor Requicha founded the Laboratory for Molecular Robotics, one of the earliest interdisciplinary laboratories dedicated to the field now called nanorobotics. His accomplishments have garnered many accolades, including his election to the prestigious National Academy of Engineering.

Professor Requicha has made substantial contributions to education, mentoring many graduate students who have become leaders in the solid modeling field after taking his course or performing research under his supervision. He also developed and taught the first-ever regular nanorobotics course at USC, and continued to teach updated versions of it every year.

Professor Requicha possesses an outstanding professional society service record, and the IEEE recognized him with its Nanotechnology Council Distinguished Service Award. He has served as president of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council, and, among other responsibilities, was editor-in-chief of the journal IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.

In honor of his exemplary contributions to computerized design and manufacturing, as well as his advancement of nanotechnology, the University of Southern California is proud to bestow upon Aristides Requicha the USC Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award.