Mikel Henry Snow

USC Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor of Clinical Cell and Neurobiology
Keck School of Medicine of USC

A remarkably innovative and engaged educator, Mikel H. Snow connects with his students and colleagues in ways that transform their lives forever. In testament to his dynamic, comprehensive speaking style and his original study materials, his lectures are often filled to capacity. His extraordinary ability to inspire scholarly devotion is evident in the praise of one of his former students: “Every time Dr. Snow speaks, I learn something useful.”

Professor Snow’s enthusiasm for individualized medical education emerges in his genuine compassion for his pupils, as well as his dedication to enhancing student life. In a typical example of his efforts to cultivate a sense of camaraderie in the classroom, he memorizes the names of the nearly 200 students in his anatomy lab each semester. He also remains an active member of committees on curriculum and student ethics, consistently serving as a source of wisdom for our larger academic community.

A prolific scholar of clinical science and medical education, Professor Snow has earned numerous accolades for his accomplishments as a teacher and mentor. He enjoys the deepest admiration of students who use words like “amazing” and “legendary” to describe his impact on their studies. Indeed, the Keck School’s graduating classes have recognized Professor Snow with the Kaiser Permanente Award for Excellence in Basic Science Teaching—the school’s highest honor for basic science educators—for nine consecutive years.

In recognition of his unique approach to medical pedagogy, and his commitment to the academic success of his students, the University of Southern California is pleased to honor Mikel H. Snow with its Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching.