Nandini Rajagopalan

Provost's Mentoring Award

Joseph A. DeBell Chair in Business Administration
Professor of Management and Organization
USC Marshall School of Business

Countless USC students and faculty have found a stalwart champion in Nandini Rajagopalan. She works tirelessly to uphold the highest standards of academic excellence as she continually nurtures the next generation of scholars. Her special enthusiasm for mentoring reflects a sense of responsibility that transcends her own scholarly discipline, as she has guided many of her students and colleagues across the university to heightened academic success.

Numerous honors and anecdotes evince Professor Rajagopalan’s outstanding commitment to mentorship. A Distinguished Faculty Fellow at the Center for Excellence in Teaching, she has been recognized with the USC Mellon Mentoring Award, as well as the Marshall School’s Golden Apple award for her extraordinary impact as a teacher. Her students emphasize her selfless devotion and constant encouragement as key elements of their professional and personal evolution. As one Ph.D. candidate remarked, “Nandini helps me in every part of my life”—perfectly describing her talent for cultivating meaningful relationships in addition to her role as an intellectual lodestar.

An accomplished scholar in her own right, Professor Rajagopalan maintains a stellar reputation in business education through her research of platform-based markets, diversification and strategic alliances, CEO succession, and corporate governance. Her work appears in several prominent publications, such as the Academy of Management Journal and the Strategic Management Journal, and mirrors the profound insight she brings to inspiring future generations of academics.

For her compassionate guidance and sage counsel benefiting students and faculty alike, the University of Southern California is pleased to honor Nandini Rajagopalan with the Provost’s Mentoring Award.